Women & Men around the World Answering a Simple Question

This is a simple project, born from a curiosity to understand how women and girls see themselves and the media- world around them, but also how men feel about the current representation of girls and women in the media.

We start by asking ONE QUESTION to both women and men (girls and boys too):


If you could change one thing about how women/girls are represented in the media what would that be?

We then ask 2 FOLLOW-UP QUESTIONS to women and girls all over the world:


Name 3 main things that you like the most about yourself


What is that you appreciate the most about being a woman/girl?

One thought on “Women & Men around the World Answering a Simple Question

  1. I hate the way how you never see girls really eating on TV unless they’re super sad or angry and then you always find them binging on wine or pint of ice cream -and people wonder why girls have so many food /body issues

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