Add your voice to the project!

Simply record a short video answering each one of the questions (or just one if you wish to)

Once your video is recorded you can share with us in many ways:

  • Compress the file and send it to our email add:
  • Upload your video on Dropbox, Google drive or other clouds and share the link via email or our social media
  • Upload video to YouTube, Vimeo or other video sharing sites and email us the link or share it on our social media. Don’t forget to add @mediasavvygirls and the hastag #letmeBME to your post!
  • Post your video in your Tweeter, Instagram or Vine adding @mediasavvygirls & the hashtag #letmeBME
  • Post the video directly to our Facebook page  always using the hastag #letmeBME

Don’t forget to let us know your chosen first name (you can use a nickname if you so wish), REAL age and country of origin, so that our editor can add the details on your video!

Contributors agree in principle to have their video edited and utilised for the production of promos, pictures, memes, vines, books and other promotional material.

Please read the video specs here